Exclusive and Private Lodges

Other Tourism Establishments

What we do

We transform spas to not only exceed basic human wellness but also to transform “conspicuous consumption and operation” from being a burden on the planet to being a sustainable aspiration. 

We help spas and other tourist establishment to become truly sustainable.

We do this through: 

Environmental performance baseline assessments

Includes sustainability benchmarking

Spa Establishment and Growing Existing Spas

Spa operational efficiency and management

Supply Bespoke Natural Products

We supply bespoke signature natural products to enhance your guests’ experience

Develop Eco-Training Programs

Develop eco-training programs to enhance operational efficiency

Eco-Spa and Eco-Lodging Transformations

We can assist to transform your establishment into an eco-establishment

Become More Profitable

Assisting new and established spas to become more profitable

Yolandi Schoeman

Sustainability, Spa Consultant, Natural and Organic Cosmetic Scientist

Etienne Schoeman

Business Strategist, Business Administration, Turnaround Strategist


Kitaka Spa Kids

Integrate eco-spa treatments and facilities for kids and teenagers. We also provide natural treatments for kids and teens facilities.